Please note, not all galleries have been uploaded yet. They should all be availably by Tuesday evening.


Ordering information:

If you are ONLY ordering your one free 5x7:

Click the image, and select "Free 5x7" under the size/options. Use the code "PICKUP" to remove the shipping cost. Your print will be available for pick up at Hendrick's Family Dentistry.

If you make your selection and submit your order by 8:00PM on December 16, your image *should* be available to pickup at Hendrick's Family Dentistry after December 21. 

If you make your selection after December 16 at 8:00pm, your print will be available to pickup after January 4. Please submit your selection no later than December 28. 

 Please watch the Hendrick's Family Dentistry Facebook for pickup updates.

If you are choosing more prints to order: 

All orders are mailed directly to you. Any orders over $50 ship for free. To guarantee your prints order by Christmas, place your order no later than December 15! Be sure to use the "FREE 5X7" selection for your free print. It will come with the prints you purchase.