addison + megan

I had the pleasure of meeting these two sweet girls for a mini session recently. I asked big sister what her favorite part of being a sister was, and my heart almost exploded when she replied that she just loves to help mommy take care of Meghan and give her kisses until she smiles. I just felt so connected with this family for so many reasons- my best friend's name is Megan too, and I have a little sister whom I adore as much as Addison and Meghan adore each other, so this session was so much fun for me.  

After you're done looking at how adorable these girls are- please take a second to read a little more about this special family. Meghan has had a tough road for such a young girl which is why she's even luckier to have the amazing sister, Mom and Dad she does. During our session I also noticed the gorgeous bracelet her Mom was wearing, and found out the profits for them actually benefit the Asher Foundation which helps kids like Meghan. There is actually a Meghan bracelet in the Hydro Girls Collection!! Please consider donating to this family or purchasing a bracelet (or 8 if you are like me and cannot possible pick just one haha).

Meghan is so full of life, happiness and pure joy in her eyes. She had a tough week before we took pictures but she was still one of the happiest little girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Please keep Meghan, her sister, Mom, Dad and all of their family and friends in your prayers.  

 "A cheerful heart is good medicine" -Proverbs 17:22

You can read Megan's Story Here and visit the Asher Foundation to browse bracelets HERE! :) 



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